Set a New Standard in Quality

One View, One Voice

Bring your health education and data together, all in one place. Consistent education across your entire enterprise creates one uniform voice to support a patient-centered standard of care.

Health Education for Today and Tomorrow

Meet today’s patient education requirements, including Meaningful Use, Joint Commission, and PCQ measures. And we’ll identify emerging trends and act quickly, so you’ll keep pace with the education requirements of tomorrow.

Do More Than Check the Box

Seamlessly integrate standards-based health education across HIT systems and platforms. We monitor clinical guidelines and update content whenever a change happens, so you can continually provide up-to-date health information to your patients.

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Reach Patients in Moments That Matter

Location, Location, Location

Let’s face it, we’re on our devices all the time. That’s why, in addition to print options, we deliver patient education across mobile, desktop, and video, wherever and whenever it works best.

Go Beyond the Handout

Provide health education for every encounter and at every touchpoint. Whether you’re looking for easy-to-understand patient instructions, engaging videos, or user-tested decision aids, we’ve got every care moment covered.

Empower and Engage

It’s a fact: patients who are more engaged excel in self-management. Help patients succeed in their health goals with health education that’s easy to understand, offered in multiple languages, and crafted to motivate healthy behaviors.

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Implement, Discover, Optimize

Achieve Stronger Returns From Your Health Education With a Trusted Partner

Get the most out of your Healthwise solution with expert advice, training, and support. We identify new opportunities, help you understand what’s working and where to improve, and know the importance of working closely with you after the sale and implementation.

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