Improve Care Quality and Patient Satisfaction

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Boost Treatment Adherence

Research shows that people forget 40%–80% of the medical information they hear from their care team. Reinforce treatment goals, strengthen the provider-patient bond, and improve retention by providing people with health education that’s reliable, easy to understand, and engaging.

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Consistency Is Key

Create a consistent standard of care across your organization and produce a higher-quality patient experience. Our experts help you match the very best health education to every step of your care plans.

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Map a Better Care Plan

Gain insight into your patients’ progress and preferences with our patient response technology so you can create better care plans.

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Uncover the Voice of Patients With Shared Decision Making

Higher-Quality Decisions

Promote patient and provider satisfaction, reduce inappropriate use, and control costs by guiding people through the process of understanding treatment choices, comparing risks and benefits, and expressing preferences. Everyone wins when patients feel that they’re getting the care that’s right for them.

Putting SDM Into Practice

Enhance clinician communication skills and create consistency throughout your organization by training your care teams using our established and successful approach to shared decision making (SDM).

25 Years of Shared Decision Making Expertise

Generate positive SDM results through clinician adoption, integration into clinical workflows, and patient involvement. Our experts will help you design and implement shared decision making programs that drive successful outcomes.

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Press Release
Healthwise® Orthopedic Decision Aids Receive Certification From Washington State Health Care Authority

Washington certified Healthwise orthopedic decision aids in an effort to deliver evidence-based information to its residents.

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Featured Press Release

Press Release

Healthwise Launches New SDM Programs To Improve Outcomes

Studies show that people who use decision aids are more informed, better understand their risks, and are...

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Health Management Partners Distinguishes Itself in the Marketplace

Learn how Health Management Partners distinguished itself in the marketplace by using behavior change...

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Massachusetts General Hospital and Healthwise Establish Informed Medical Decisions Program

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