Improve Outcomes with Trusted, Award-Winning Content

Ranked #1 in Patient Education by the 2024 Best in KLAS report, and covering over 8,500 health topics, our evidence-based education gives you and your patients comprehensive health information.

  • Meet the needs of all learners with education that includes text, visuals, and 800+ videos, with an average 81% completion rate.
  • Cover every stage of the patient journey with deeper coverage of acute and chronic conditions and topics.
  • Access current information on top-of-mind topics, common conditions, and procedures.

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End-to-End Expertise

Our market-leading patient education is researched, created, and reviewed by industry experts. We make sure our content is accurate, unbiased, and up to date.

  • Accuracy ensured: Our clinical review board consists of 150 health professionals and medical specialists from over 50 specialty areas.
  • Effective and engaging: We test our content with diverse user groups and conduct consumer advisory boards for real-world feedback.
  • Guaranteed unbiased: As a non-profit we're not bound by corporate interests. We focus on our mission: delivering what's best for patients.
  • Consistency and quality: Our education is produced in-house by professionals trained on our proprietary style guide representing decades of research.

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Promote Health Literacy for All

Engage patients and members with visuals that teach. Our award-winning education speaks to diverse populations and health needs.

  • Make patients and members feel seen: Our industry-leading visuals and text intentionally emphasize diversity in age, skin tone, body type, and gender identity.
  • Support patient and member needs: Our NCQA accreditation means we offer validated education that meets health literacy benchmarks beyond reading level, like using plain language and visuals to educate patients.
  • Increase understanding: We produce highly visual content, and all text is written at or below a 6th grade reading level.
  • Reduce barriers: All Healthwise education is available in English and Spanish, with commonly used content available in 18 additional languages.

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