Easily deliver patient education across your enterprise

Give care teams relevant, engaging patient education readily integrated into Millennium EMR, HealtheCare, HealtheLife Patient Portal, and HealtheLife Engagement.

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In Sync With Your Needs

Seamless Integration

Simplify and streamline, with easy access for clinicians to tailored education materials—including videos—integrated into the Millennium EMR workflow. The entire care team can see what information each patient receives to support your quality initiatives.

Make It Personal

Enrich the patient experience for every moment in care with patient-specific education recommendations generated by each patient’s demographics and diagnosis.

Achieve Requirements and Improve Scores

Ensure alignment with clinical guidelines and care practices that support the latest requirements for measures like Joint Commission.

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Foster Informed Patients

Empower Through Education

Provide relevant, trustworthy education materials to help people understand their conditions, make informed decisions, and manage their health. Whether printed at the point of care, delivered via HealtheLife Patient Portal or through HealtheLife Engagement, we’ve got all your care settings covered.

Mapped & Meaningful

Improve outcomes, boost care plan adherence, and support patients at every touchpoint with Healthwise education mapped to each step of the care plan.

User Tested for Better Results

Get all of the value of user research with none of the hassle. Our health information is tested with real people for usability, effectiveness, and engagement.

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