Canada’s Trusted Partner

All Healthwise patient education content is evidence-based, free from bias, and localized into Canadian English. Rest assured you’re getting content that aligns with Canadian medical standards and practice—and meets the needs of patients and families. Millions of people across six Canadian provinces get support managing their health from Healthwise content available through the telehealth call centre and the web.

Content and Tools That Inspire Action

When it comes to supporting your entire population’s information needs, no one else has the depth of health content and the experience that we do. You’ll find Healthwise content in patient instructions, on the multichannel health care information line, and other online products and printed materials to inspire people to:

  • Learn about their health conditions.
  • Understand test results.
  • Make informed decisions about their treatment options.
  • Change behaviour to live healthier.
Father and child seeing doctor

Complete Solution for Consumers and Care Teams

Make the most of your health care resources when you use Healthwise solutions—content plus a delivery system that marries your technology with ours. Your clinicians, care teams, marketing groups, and IT departments will have the world’s best health information at their fingertips.

  • Equip your clinicians with point-of-care patient instructions that fit within their workflows.
  • Boost the value of health care resources by letting your health coaches focus on critical issues.
  • Empower people to make better decisions and engage in better self-care.

“The very detailed localization process undertaken by Healthwise helps assure that the in-depth content meets the needs of Canadians and reflects Canadian medical standards.”