Healthwise can support you in your quality improvement and research work at every step of the way: from identifying opportunities for quality improvement with data, assisting with data identification and analysis, and supporting funded research and student projects occurring at your organization. We then help to highlight and disseminate your innovative quality improvement projects as best practices with our network of over 300 client organizations across the US.

Research Support That Meets Your Needs

Whether you are a client, partner, or non-affiliated researcher, Healthwise has the knowledge and experience to help you succeed.

Collaborating With Clients

As a healthcare organization, you need to know you are improving health outcomes in measurable ways. We work with clients to craft effective quality improvement projects including providing patient education research with resources, support, and curated content assistance.

Supporting Partners

As a partner, you leverage Healthwise content in your applications, solutions, and services. We can help you demonstrate the effectiveness of our integrated content to demonstrate value for your clients. Our goal is to measure how our partnerships impact health outcomes and demonstrate the value of collaboration.

Supporting Educational Research

We work with non-client and student health outcomes researchers too! We’re proud to share our content for inclusion in clinical studies and assist in project curation and formal mentorship. And we take health education research findings to heart, using them to improve our content and products.

A provider discusses outcomes research.
A patient and healthcare provider discuss results A patient and healthcare provider discuss results

Projects Supporting Content and Delivery

Healthwise supports research by investigating three questions: 1) Is the content effective? 2) Is the delivery effective? 3) Is there measurable improvement in health outcomes?

Clinical Research Support

After seeing our content, do specific patients have a better understanding of a specific health topic? We support clinical research that measures questions like this through funded research grants.

Implementation Science

Is the content delivered in a way that works? We dig into how a system or app presents content to users, and whether or not that delivery is the best it can be.

Quality Improvement

Do we see a difference? Once we know we’re effectively delivering understandable health content, we explore whether it’s making a measurable difference in overall health outcomes.

How Our QI and Outcomes Team Can Support You

Here’s how our QI and Outcomes research teams can leverage analytics to gather data, measure results, and help you make the most of your patient education program.

Our health outcomes research team helps you identify the right content for your quality improvement and research work. This includes videos, articles, to short how-tos.

We can work with you to get organized from the start. Need help with project planning, identification of measurements, and data analysis? Our team is here for you.

Our team can join research in progress meetings, serve on advisory boards, support with letters and content for additional grant applications or student projects, and assist with analyses for quality improvement projects.

We want to elevate your amazing work! We disseminate your best practice findings to our 300-plus clients and connect you with other top-performing organizations to learn and further grow your health education work.

QI and Outcomes
for Providers

QI and Outcomes for Payers

Data Visualization for Epic and Cerner Clients



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