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Healthwise Releases FHIR-Enabled Healthwise® AdviseTM Patient Education for Epic

BOISE, ID, March 8, 2022—Healthwise, a leader in evidence-based health education, technology, and services, announced today the launch of Healthwise Advise® to hospitals and health systems using Epic, the country’s leading electronic health records system. Healthwise Advise makes it easier for clinicians to provide patients with up-to-date health education at the point of care and creates efficiencies for health information technology teams.

A focus on integration and interoperability

Powered by SMART on FHIR technologies, Healthwise Advise is easy to implement, and its automatic content updates save valuable time for health information technology teams. Healthwise Advise also makes it faster for clinicians to provide best-in-class health education at the point of care by integrating into Epic’s clinical workflow. With Healthwise Advise, clinician access is seamless within Epic, providing a single point to see patient health records in Epic while sharing health education and viewing how patients interact with it.

“The competing pressures of new technology integrations with the demands of the pandemic on busy clinicians have shown us the need to be a truly integrated patient education partner for our provider clients,” said Adam Husney, MD, CEO of Healthwise. “We are proud that Healthwise Advise can deliver our high-quality education more easily right within the Epic workflow.”

Advantages for healthcare systems, clinicians, and patients

Healthwise Advise also benefits patients by ensuring they receive tailored evidence-based health education, and it can help share insights into how patients engage with education back to clinicians. Healthwise Advise provides education in 19 languages and utilizes a plain language and multimodal content approach to aid health literacy, give patients confidence in their care, and encourage them to live healthier lives.

“Providing education to help patients manage care once they are home, and improve outcomes, is at the heart of patient care and critical to Healthwise’s mission,” said Connie Feiler, RN, MSN, Healthwise Clinical Director of Patient Experience. “Healthwise Advise takes our mission a step further by measuring the meaningful engagement that education can create with patients.”

Additional clinician benefits include smart recommendations, which share relevant search results based on patient data and clinician search habits. The more a clinician uses Healthwise Advise, the more it learns and anticipates what clinicians need, ensuring patients get the most relevant education. Healthwise Advise also allows clinicians to save health education to their "favorites" and build health education libraries with the most applicable content for their work. Clinicians can apply one-time edits to health content, personalizing it for patients, and organizations can also import their own custom education content into the solution to ensure enterprise-wide consistency.

Extensive market research shaped the development of Healthwise Advise, which incorporated guidance from national patient education leaders who serve as members of the Healthwise® Client Advisory Council. In developing this new solution, Healthwise also sought robust user feedback to ensure optimal workflow and ease of use to support patients and their caregivers.

To learn more about Healthwise Advise, go here. To learn more about Healthwise, go here.

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