Make Sharing Health Education in Epic Easy

Get patients the education they need now with a FHIR-enabled solution that allows clinicians to easily share up-to-date health education with patients wherever they are.

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Improve Clinical Efficiency

Integrates With Ease

Use a familiar, intuitive interface for health education. Healthwise® Advise integrates seamlessly into existing clinical workflows, giving clinicians centralized access to what they need and more time to spend with patients.

More Engaging, Less Clicking

Stop jumping from window to window or tab to tab—our side-by-side user interface (UI) increases clinical efficiency by letting clinicians see the EHR as they provide health education.

Smart Education Suggestions

It works while you do! The more clinicians use Healthwise Advise, the more it learns, improving relevant education recommendations based on search, patient data, and interaction insights.

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Reduce Technical Overhead

Easy Implementation

Lighten the load on your IT team with SMART on FHIR API—this implementation-friendly technology means faster setup with fewer headaches. Don't have FHIR? View more patient education options for Epic here.

Decreased Maintenance Burden

Eliminate manual updates. All new content and feature enhancements are deployed automatically with FHIR integration, requiring no extra work from technical staff.

Automatic Documentation and Tracking

Save time, stay in compliance, and reduce the risk of human error with education writeback, which automatically records the health content each patient gets. See exactly how patients engage with health education to understand what’s working and when they might need additional content.

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Extend Patient Access to Personalized Education

Complete Control of Content

Enhanced accessibility for non-English speaking or impaired patients allows them to view content in their preferred language, adjust the font size and style, and toggle transcripts or closed captioning on videos—providing your patients with a truly personal experience.

Access Anytime, Anywhere

The only solution for MyChart with an English and Spanish UI. Empower patients to access education on their terms and in their preferred language—with direct delivery via embedded consumer experience in MyChart, After Visit Summary, QR codes, or in print.

Personalized and Relevant

In addition to receiving tailored education directly from their clinicians, patients can also access additional content in MyChart. Patients can take advantage of Contextual Infobutton links for tests, medicines, etc., or general search allows patients to find exactly what they need, when they need it. And of course, all content is trusted, evidence-based education written in plain language.

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