The All-in-One Toolkit for Productive Care Teams

Fuel Productivity With Effective Education

Let your team focus on what really matters—building meaningful relationships with patients. Digital delivery of education programs frees up your clinicians to focus on the people who need it most. Your team can rest easy, knowing every patient is connecting with timely, relevant health information.

Strengthen Service Lines

Save time with scalable programs tailored to specific service lines. You’re under pressure to reach more people faster. You need new methods, modern content, and engaging tools. Digital Health Programs lets you provide the right message to the right audience via the right channel, ensuring your patients get reliable information where they want and when they need it.

Smarter Insights to Better Serve Patients

See connections and trends so you can make data-driven decisions and improve your patients’ experience. Get actionable aggregate and individual analytics so you can identify opportunities, understand gaps, and measure engagement. From monitoring patients’ biometric data to tracking progress through the program, Healthwise helps your care teams improve health outcomes and patient satisfaction.

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Slash the Strain on Resources

Prepare Patients Painlessly

Prepare patients for procedures and interventions with less time, money, and staff resources. It’s more important than ever to scale your communications to reduce the strain on people and processes—and digital innovations are a key part of the solution. By offering timely reminders that link to credible content, you can continue to serve your patients, earn trust and loyalty, and increase clinician productivity.

Fewer Cancellations, Complications, and Readmissions

Cut through the noise with relevant, responsive, and digitally enabled health information. The content journey of a patient who has diabetes will be different from someone seeking information about their pregnancy. That’s why we’ve mapped patient journeys to the most pertinent information, ensuring people are guided along a path to better health outcomes.

The Shortcut to Care Plan Adherence

Seamlessly deliver targeted messages so your patients are ready to take on self-care and adhere to their care plans. Proactive patient outreach ensures patients understand their recommended treatment plan and receive the care they need when they need it. Connecting with patients strengthens the provider-patient bond and sets people up for lasting health behavior change.

Explore How Digital Health Programs Work With Your Service Lines

Implement, Discover, Optimize

Achieve Stronger Returns From Your Health Education With a Trusted Partner

Get the most out of your Healthwise solution with expert advice, training, and support. We help you understand what’s working and where there’s room for improvement. We identify new opportunities. And we know the importance of working closely with you after the sale and implementation.

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