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Healthwise Honored for Health Education Excellence in Digital Health Awards® Spring 2021 Competition

Healthwise digital patient education resources awarded top honors

BOISE, ID, June 10, 2021—Healthwise announced today that it received seven Digital Health Awards for its patient education videos and content in the Health Information Resource Center (HIRC)’s 2021 spring competition. Twice a year, HIRC honors the best digital health resources for consumers and health care professionals.

Healthwise won three Gold awards—two in the Media/Publications: Medical Illustration category and one in the Digital Health Media/Publications: Video category.

Media/Publications: Medical Illustration

Digital Health Media / Publications: Video

“We’re honored to be recognized by the Digital Health Awards. This recognition is a reflection of our team’s dedication to supporting health literacy through plain language, compelling visuals, and effective storytelling,” said Christy Calhoun, Chief Content Officer at Healthwise. “The award-winning content communicates vital information in a creative, consumer-friendly way that reflects diversity and inclusion, patient perspective, and clinical accuracy.”

The winning medical illustrations communicate complex scientific concepts in an engaging, visual, and easily comprehensible way. The Pediatric Asthma image, created as part of a story for children with asthma, uses modified pediatric anatomy to explain to kids and their parents how airways (“tubes”) can become constricted (“closed”) during an asthmatic episode. The Asthma in Children illustration is designed for a caretaker of a child with asthma. It uses pediatric anatomy and simple labeling to convey how asthmatic airways constrict airflow in the lungs when inflamed. And though simple in its execution, the Lichen Planus illustration is groundbreaking in its inclusivity in conveying how the same condition may appear on different skin tones. Skin conditions have traditionally been depicted on white skin only.

The winning videos are just three of more than 700 assets in the Healthwise® Video Library. Combining patient education videos with written material and clinician support makes it easier for patients to remember at-home instructions, weigh the pros and cons of a treatment, understand what to expect from a surgical procedure, or learn to manage their condition. The Pew Research Center shows that 2 to 5 minutes is the “sweet spot” for videos, with 1 out of 5 news videos in this range consistently ranking top in views.1 Most of Healthwise’s videos are under 3 minutes, so patients can easily watch all the way through and remember what they’ve learned.

HIRC is a national clearinghouse for professionals who work in consumer health fields. It aims to recognize digital health resources and entries that are web-based, mobile, wearable devices, media publications, or social media.


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