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Healthwise Recognized for Plain Language Excellence with 2020 ClearMark Awards

Healthwise health education awarded top honors

BOISE, ID, November 10, 2020—Healthwise announced today that it captured two 2020 ClearMark Awards from the Center for Plain Language, for its patient education content. The ClearMark Awards celebrate the best in clear communication and plain language from government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and private companies. During the October 15 award ceremony, Healthwise won two ClearMark Awards of Distinction.

Healthwise won the ClearMark category awards for two projects:

  • Learning About LGBTQ Health (Patient Instruction) won an Award of Distinction in the Brochure category. The patient handout is delivered during or after a patient visit or prescribed digitally by a healthcare provider. Guided by evidence-based medicine, extensive user testing, and inclusive language, the goal of this piece is to support a positive and safe relationship between patient and doctor—one that encourages LGBTQ people to get the care they need, when they need it.
  • Charlie Learns about Coronavirus: A Storybook for Kids, won an Award of Distinction in this year’s special COVID-19 category. Children may have anxiety or fear about COVID-19. This online storybook about “Charlie the germ-buster” helps kids understand the coronavirus and how they can be a part of stopping the spread. It helps kids cope with some of the changes to their daily routine and eases some of the fear around the virus with clear, easy-to-understand information delivered in a reassuring tone.

The winning storybook was one of the COVID-19 videos, infographics, and articles that were created and offered free of charge to organizations and individuals as part of Healthwise’s nonprofit mission. The winning patient handout is one of more than 3,800 Healthwise® Patient Instructions. The handouts help people manage their health and better understand surgeries and procedures. The content also helps clinicians bridge cultural and health literacy gaps.

“It is an honor to receive these ClearMark Awards from the Center for Plain Language. At Healthwise, we are dedicated to providing people with clear and actionable health education, and we are inspired to have our commitment recognized in this way,” said Christy Calhoun, Chief Content Officer. “Our team of plain language experts is passionate about creating a culture of inclusion through content that teaches with clear visuals, words and design.”

Healthwise is committed to improving patient experiences with the healthcare system. By writing easy-to-understand health education that’s tailored for different learning styles and abilities and accessible in multiple languages and formats, the organization helps people better understand the health information they receive so they can make better health decisions and live healthier lives.

Healthwise holds a total of seven ClearMark Awards, including two Grand ClearMark Awards. Judged by a panel of international experts, each entry must meet a strict set of criteria to win a ClearMark Award. For more information, visit

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