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Healthwise Announces New Digital Health Content Offering: Healthwise® Compass

BOISE, ID, October 9, 2023—Healthwise, a leader in evidence-based health education, technology, and services, announced today the launch of Healthwise Compass for providers, payers, and digital health technologies. Healthwise Compass, a content-as-a-service solution, enables the seamless integration of trusted health education into digital channels to create effective content at scale.

Power digital engagement strategies with trusted health education

Healthwise Compass delivers engaging multimedia health education content in any format, anywhere. This innovative health education technology offers flexible content building blocks that can be plugged into any digital channel—including apps, digital front doors, consumer engagement tools, websites, social media, or email campaigns. 

This modular approach to content means users can always find education in the right length and format for any moment throughout the healthcare journey. Organizations can trust the education is medically reviewed by experts, regularly reviewed to match changing medicine and health guidance, and automatically updated in their systems via API.

With Healthwise Compass, organizations can improve efficiency, increase return on digital health technology investments, and scale content to engage patients, members, and consumers where they are.

“Market trends show growing investments in digital strategies to acquire, engage, and retain patients,” said Adam Husney, MD, CEO of Healthwise. “We know organizations need the best health education available in flexible ways to power their digital engagement strategies. Healthwise Compass makes meeting those goals easier and will enhance our clients’ investments in digital health.

Benefits for payers, providers, and digital health technology solutions

To make searching and browsing education easy, Healthwise Compass is built on a foundation of industry-leading metadata and taxonomy. This enables filtering for criteria like population, demographics, condition types, medical codes, and moments in the healthcare journey. With this structure in place, users are served the best, curated piece of content every time to help them effortlessly create a tailored consumer experience.

Coupled with flexible and straightforward API delivery, the solution allows organizations to engage audiences across channels. And developers will find easy-to-use implementation tools, including documentation and a software development kit accessed through a developer portal.

“Healthwise Compass combines the award-winning Healthwise education library that our clients know and love with new, cutting-edge technology for a faster, better, and more curated experience,” said Alyson Erwin, Chief Product Officer at Healthwise. “Our vision is to curate the best health education content across the healthcare journey, create more personalized experiences, and ultimately empower healthcare consumers wherever they seek health information. We are thrilled to bring this offering to the market.

To learn more about Healthwise Compass, go here.

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