Telehealth Virtual Care Solutions

Make telehealth the future of patient care.

Increase the Value and Effectiveness of Telehealth Interactions

When paired with quality health education, telehealth can be just as effective as in-person visits to engage and activate patients and improve health outcomes.

A Perfect Combination

Meet patients where they are with the combination of telehealth and multimedia health education that can be delivered digitally via email, text, or inside your solution.

Improved Outcomes

See patient outcomes improve by providing broader access to care through telehealth and on-demand health education that motivates patients to play a part in improving their health.

Mental Health Resources

Share relevant mental health education from a robust library covering a range of conditions from ADHD to isolation to depression, with content specifically tailored for children, teens, and adults.

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Education for the Entire Care Continuum

Go beyond the telehealth visit and keep patients engaged with high-quality health education provided at key points in their care journey.

Aligned With the Patient Journey

Give clients the health resources they need with a broad health education library that supports patients’ physical, mental, and behavioral health from the first visit through completion of care, rehab, and beyond.

Multitude of Touchpoints

Support clinicians with award-winning health education they can use before, during, and after patient visits to personalize their services and improve health literacy.

Full Care Coverage

Meet all your clients’ needs with an extensive health education library of text, videos, and images that has them covered, no matter their patient’s condition or stage in the health journey.

Best-in-Class Education

User-tested and patient-approved health education helps patients make informed decisions and motivates them to live their healthiest lives.

Tested and Approved

Share health education that’s user tested and tuned to meet patient needs. It engages patients with evidence-based, easy-to-understand content and action-oriented next steps.

Better Understanding = Better Health

Connect patients with their care through health education that’s inclusive and comprehensive. The more patients understand their health, the better they’ll manage their conditions.

Backed by Science

Make change happen with health education that’s built on the five states of change (backed by behavior change science) to activate patients toward living their healthiest lives.