Remote Monitoring

Clients have the data on patients’ health. Now what? Give them the tools and health education they need to level up their care.

Give Remote Monitoring Staff a Helping Hand

Provide staff the tools they need to succeed and keep patients out of the hospital.

Provide a Pathway Forward

Give clients the next steps. It’s one thing to have data about someone’s health—now you can provide tools and health education that help them apply that data to their patient interactions.

Keep Patients Healthy

Provide remote monitoring staff with the resources to support patients, prevent nonemergencies from becoming emergencies, and keep patients out of the hospital.

Happy Patients, Happy Clients

Boost all-around satisfaction with tools that improve patient outcomes. As patients see better health outcomes, clients are more satisfied with your solution.

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Engage Patients and Caregivers

Help clients deliver health education that’s designed for both patients and their caregivers.

Empowers Caregivers

Increase health literacy for patients and their caregivers with health education that improves outcomes and helps keep patients in their homes.

Engages Patients

Motivate patients with health education they’ll actually use. Healthwise education provides actionable steps that help patients take action toward living their healthiest lives.

Fulfills Educational Needs

Ensure clients meet their patients’ needs with an extensive health education library that includes in-depth text, videos, and images that cover any medical condition.

Increase Efficiency Without Adding Complexity

Easily integrate high-quality health education into your solution.

Deliver Versatility Plus Ease of Use

Place Healthwise content and technology into any workflow and allow clients to deliver health education digitally or provide patients with self-serve education.

Avoid IT Headaches

Save developers time with modern APIs and easy-to-follow documentation that make integrating Healthwise into your solution a breeze.

Allow Automation

Empower clients to set up automated health education delivery by mapping specific education to patient care journey milestones and delivering it automatically when those milestones are reached.