Population Health & Wellness

Help your clients improve outcomes for their entire population and make life simpler for providers with cutting-edge, easily integrated health engagement tools.

Motivate People Toward Lasting Change

It takes more than knowledge to make change happen. Our health education is based in behavior change science that helps people not just know, but do.

Action-Based Education

Simply sharing health information isn’t enough. Our education drives patients to better health by providing the motivation—and tools—to act.

Effective Content

Education materials must be relevant and understandable. Our plain-language, evidence-based health education is user tested so we know it works.

Built on Science

Change doesn’t happen by itself. We embed the five stages of change (backed by behavior change science) into our health education to get real results.

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Serving Patients AND Providers

We cover a wide variety of medical conditions from all angles to serve patient populations AND providers who need relevant, evidence-based information at their fingertips.

Benefits to Providers

Not just for patients! Our health education helps providers, too—while prepping for calls or as a reference during patient interactions.

Meaningful Engagement

User testing proves that patients stay engaged with our health education, which means they're more likely to adhere to care plans and improve their overall health.

Breadth and Depth

An extensive library of text, videos, and illustrations means you have health education covering common and uncommon conditions, diagnoses, and procedures for all patient populations.

Add Value Without Adding Complexity

Health education that easily weaves into your interface and automatically stays up to date saves developers time and allows seamless client use.

Shape-Shifting Content

Seamlessly fits into your user experience, so you can place educational resources wherever they’re needed—for providers, for patient self-service, or both.

Easy Breezy Integration

Saves installation headaches with effective APIs and easy-to-follow documentation, making integration coherent and clear—just like our health content.

Always Up To Date

Developers sleep easy—health information updates automatically, so the most current medical information is always available and there’s no maintenance burden for your technology resources.