Healthwise® Solution with Medecision®

A complete health education solution within Medecision

Empower care managers with resources integrated directly into Aerial.

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Easy Access to Comprehensive Health Education

One-Stop Shop

Give care managers a single source for health education to use during member interactions and proactive outreach, ensuring easy access and consistent messaging.

Extensive Education

Put extensive health education at clinicians’ fingertips within Aerial, including a library of text, videos, and images that covers any medical condition and context workflow.

Plug and Play

Leverage preloaded, curated content sets to save time and see faster results from wellness campaigns while supporting quality measures.

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Maximum Care Manager Efficiency

Behavior Change That Works

Supercharge interventions with Behavior Change Navigator, a tool infused with behavior change science that tailors coaching tips and health education to meet patients where they are.

Set It and Forget It

Save care managers time with scheduled fulfillment, allowing them to schedule health education in one session for future delivery and prevent member information overload.

Scale Your Communications

Easily share health education with your entire population by building campaigns and sending messages to thousands of members at once.

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Education That Engages

Make Real Change Happen

Affect real change with health education that’s infused with behavior change science. It leverages the five stages of change to nudge patients toward real results.

Choose-Your-Own Format

Reach members anytime, anywhere, and on any device in the way that works best for you—through a secure online message center, print, or your own messaging service.

User Tested and Approved

Deliver engaging, action-oriented health content that helps members gain confidence and adopt healthier lives. It’s user tested, so we know it works.

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