Home Health

Make your solution the key to successful home health outcomes by offering clinicians versatile options and information while providing patients with award-winning health education.

Empower Clinicians AND Patients

Empower clinicians to teach patients and caregivers the skills they need, enabling patients to care for themselves and manage their health needs in their homes.

Benefits for All

Offer clinicians tools to connect, provide care, and share effective home health education with patients and caregivers.

Flexible Solutions

Support clinicians with flexible, multimedia education that can be shared across care settings, ensuring patients have the information they need to stay healthy between visits.

Action-Oriented Education

Give patients the confidence and knowledge to live healthier lives with purpose-built education that provides actionable steps.

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Provide Consistent, Effective Education

Show clinicians you’ve got their backs with an extensive, consistent health education library that’s ready to share with patients and easy to access anywhere.

Create Consistency

Make sure all patients get consistent care by providing clinicians with a single source of trustworthy health education.

Offer More Options

Ditch those dated brochures. Instead, share up-to-date health education in the format that works best for each patient—whether digital or print.

Cover All Conditions

Provide clinicians with an extensive library of text and multimedia health education so they’re prepared while moving from one patient to the next.

Flexible, Scalable Clinician Support

Support clinicians enterprise-wide by providing a holistic health education solution that fits seamlessly into their workflows.

Simplified for On-the-Fly

Streamline on-the-road content delivery with health education that integrates into whatever technology clinicians use in the field.

Available When Needed

Stop waiting for the next clinician visit—interact with patients and share health education whenever, wherever to keep them on track.

Trackable Patient Stats

Guide the next steps in a care plan by giving clinicians a digital view into what education their patients have received and what they’ve done with it.