EMR Education Solutions

Give clients the health education they want without the headaches. Integrate health education that is trusted by the leading EMR systems including Epic and Cerner.

Streamline the Clinical Workflow

Add best-in-class health education where your clients want it—into existing workflows. Easy integration into familiar workflows lets clinicians stick with what they know while having high-quality health education options at their fingertips.

Cuts Out Complexity

Seamlessly fits into your workflow. Health education can be placed wherever it’s needed to make the biggest impact without being disruptive.

Easy Integration

Offers interoperability with whatever technology you use, including HL7 and FHIR. We work with you to make sure integration is easy.

Helpful Recommendations

Leverages patient and client data to generate intelligent suggested search results and present clinicians with the best content for patients in any situation.

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Deliver Consistent Education

Ensure consistency in education across all patient touchpoints with an extensive library that covers countless conditions with evidence-based, user-friendly content.

Supports Virtual or IRL

Available digitally or in print (with scannable QR codes for multimedia content) to meet each and every patient’s health education needs wherever they are.

Covers the Care Continuum

Includes text, videos, and images that support all medical specialties, allowing clients to rest easy knowing they’re delivering consistent information throughout patient care journeys.

Updates Automatically

Automatic health education updates save your IT team time and money and ensure clinicians always have the most current evidence-based health information on hand.

Award-Winning Health Education

Best-in-class health education is a win for patients AND providers. User-tested content means patients engage with and absorb the information and they’re motivated to act. Better outcomes, happy patients, and happy clients.

User Tested and Approved

Real patients have given our health education the thumbs-up—it’s engaging, effective, and tuned to include action-oriented steps that promote real change.

Better Outcomes for All

Quality health education means engaged patients who are more likely to manage their health, which leads to better health outcomes for them, and happier clients for you.

Motivates Behavior Change

Action-oriented content follows principles of behavior change science to not only tell patients what’s happening with their health, but motivate them to take action toward better health.