Care Management

Enhance your care management platform by putting award-winning health content at care managers' fingertips.

One-Stop Care Management

Care managers deserve a helping hand. Make their lives easier with our reliable, award-winning health content and member engagement tracking—integrated into the tools they already use.

Cuts Out Complexity

Keep care managers on your platform with our comprehensive health content library, seamlessly woven into their workflow.

Consistent, Accurate Health Information

Share—and send—the same medically reviewed, accurate health education to all members. No more confusing or conflicting health information.

Easy Engagement Tracking

Follow member care journeys: Track the education they receive and whether they view it, then use that insight to recommend next steps.

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Flexible Integration

Setup’s a snap, integration is easy. Our modern APIs and clear documentation save developers headaches, and our health content integrates seamlessly with your applications, giving care managers what they need.

Easy Access

Embed health education directly into your applications, putting health content at care managers’ fingertips within the apps they already use.

Plug and Play

Easily install our solutions right out of the box, thanks to our modern API and clear documentation.

Platform-Wide Integration

Populate data into other parts of your app (such as patient records or communication), creating continuity and making health information easier to access.

Proven Health Education

Give care managers the tools they need to build meaningful connections with members. Our award-winning multimedia content is infused with behavior change science to get real results and motivate members to live healthier lives.

Meet Them at Every Step

Personalize care and help members feel understood with comprehensive multimedia content that covers every stage of the care journey.

Better Health Literacy

Boost understanding and improve health outcomes by sharing user-tested, medically accurate content.

Inspire Results

Encourage real change and help members live their healthiest lives with content rooted in behavior change science.