Bedside TV

Increase value to patients with your in-room television solution.

Offer Specialized Content

Keep more eyeballs on your solution and meet your patients’ and caregivers’ unique needs by offering specialized content on bedside TVs.

Increase Offerings

Grow the content you offer in your bedside TV solution by placing Healthwise patient education videos alongside your existing content.

Share Relevant Information

Make bedside TV more valuable to patients by offering health education from a vast library of content that covers every stage of the patient journey.

Ensure Consistency

Make sure every patient enterprise-wide gets consistent information about diseases and conditions with comprehensive evidence-based patient education from one source.

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Improve Clinical Workflows

Make sharing patient education easy for clinicians with technology like API delivery, workflow integration, and interaction insights.

Always Up to Date

Because it’s straightforward to add to your existing solution and API video delivery clients will automatically have the latest and greatest content to share with patients.

Easy Integration

Integrates smoothly into the clinical workflow, enabling clinicians to give patients the health information they need on their in-room TVs without unnecessary clicking.

Interaction Insights

Shares what health information each patient has received and how they’ve interacted with it so clinicians can better gauge patient understanding and engagement.

Best-in-Class Education

Provide patients with award-winning education that’s effective, evidence-based, and that helps patients make positive change.

Patient Approved

User tested with real patients and tuned to meet their needs, you can trust our education is easy to use, engaging, and effective.

Friendly Format

Short two- to three-minute videos focus on a single learning objective so patients are more likely to actually watch—and retain—the information they receive.

Backed by Science

Infused with behavior change science, our award-winning videos help patients make change and take action toward living their healthiest lives.