AI/Virtual Assistant Solutions

Provide patients with clear, up-to-date health education through an AI-powered, all-in-one platform that triages symptoms and provides next steps and strategies for better health.

Deeper Understanding Means Motivated Patients

Our solutions provide patients with the answers they need to understand health conditions and motivate them to live healthier lives.

Deliver In-App Answers

The solutions offer patients a single source for health answers right in your application, saving them from overwhelming internet searches and health misinformation.

Solve the Question of “What’s Next?”

So, you have a medical condition—now what? In-depth information and actionable next steps give patients context and a path to a healthier life.

Motivate Patient Action

With a basis in behavior-change science, our education not only provides answers, but motivates patients to work towards improving their health.

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Don’t Sweat the Content!

It’s not easy to create relevant, medically accurate health education. Add videos, illustrations, and regular updates to the mix—it’s a lot. But we’ve been doing it for over 45 years, and we’ve got your back.

Created by Health Content Experts

Our goal: creating trustworthy, medically accurate health education so you can focus on what you do best—reaching and impacting patients.

User Tested and Approved

Our content is engaging and easy to understand. How do we know? We test it with real users, then revise it regularly, ensuring it stays up to date.

Formats for All Learning Styles

Medical topics are covered from all angles with award-winning text, illustrations, and videos to make sure the message gets across, no matter how you learn.

Adaptable Technology for Modern Applications

Artificial intelligence, API updates, intentional taxonomy, shapeshifting content… It all sounds a little sci-fi, but here’s what it means for you: easy-to-use, high-quality health education resources that fit into your workflow.

Real-Time Updates

API delivery means automatic content updates so you can stop worrying about whether you have the latest and greatest health education—you do!

Intelligent Search

Smart taxonomy (that’s programmer-speak for data classification) returns the most relevant search results and helps AI shine.

Plug and Play

Clean, concise health content fits seamlessly into your user interface with no distracting design.