Up Your Orthopedic Service Line Experience

The ability to adapt — with technology-enabled interfaces and workflows — has become an essential aspect of maintaining and growing business as we define our “new normal.” Education delivered before and after orthopedic surgery is critical to avoid complications and achieve better outcomes. A digital health program is the modern virtual solution you need to replace in-person touchpoints.

Lessen the burden of content maintenance

Deliver an omnichannel, integrated experience with enterprise-wide content you don’t have to maintain or keep up to date. Healthwise education is written in plain language and developed and reviewed by medical experts.

Stretch clinical resources

Support clinicians by providing pre-op and post-op education for patients. With a digital health program, you can do the impossible—reach more people without creating more work for your clinicians.

Customize with your own education

Create modern patient experiences by combining dynamic health education, including videos and interactive tools, with your own service line content. Add clinician-specific education, contact information, links for hospital visit instructions, maps, and directions.

Move the Needle on Health Outcomes

Studies show that effective patient education promotes positive patient outcomes in the orthopedic setting. Advantages include increased patient satisfaction, enhanced continuity of care, decreased anxiety, fewer complications, and adherence to care plans. Serve more patients and get better treatment results with modern digital health programs.

Elevate efficiency

Doctors are frequently overwhelmed and overloaded. Scaling your orthopedic education program allows clinicians more time in the operating room and less time doing administrative tasks.

See fewer complications and unnecessary readmissions

Educate and engage patients with interactive content, including pain trackers, pre-operative assessments, and pre-and post-op exercise trackers. Accessible and meaningful content ensures patients understand how to prepare for surgery and recover safely afterward.

Help patients navigate their journey

Seamlessly guide patients to their next point of care. Virtual longitudinal programs allow people to easily engage and connect with recommendations and care plans without overwhelming them with too much information all at once.

Available Orthopedic Programs

Total Knee Replacement

This program helps patients learn about, prepare for, and recover from total knee replacement surgery. It includes education on the goal of surgery, what happens during the procedure, how the patient can prepare, and what the patient should expect after surgery.

Total Hip Replacement

This program is for patients learning about, preparing for, and recovering from total hip replacement surgery. It includes education about the procedure and why it’s done, what the patient can do at home to prepare, how to avoid complications, and what to expect and do at home after surgery.