Using Technology to Build Stronger Relationships

Healthwise Communications Team

As the healthcare industry transitions to quality care over quantity, the relationship between care team and patient becomes increasingly crucial in the patient’s health care journey. So how can technology improve communication between the care team and patient? Doesn’t it just get in the way?

It all depends on the technology.


Some health technology connects disparate information (such as electronic health records, devices, and wearables), which helps the care team know more about the patient and the patient’s medical care and daily habits. At the same time, another technology provides the care team with tools and information to engage their patients.

Bringing It All Together

The best solution brings these technologies together and puts engagement tools at the fingertips of both the care team and the patient. When care teams are better informed and more effective, patients feel more empowered, understand their condition, and learn how to take better care of their health. And technology can make this communication and collaboration easier.

Care managers won’t have to spend time and energy translating complicated health journal articles, books, or other resources into what ends up being a jumble of disjointed information. Instead, care managers can prescribe patient education that is evidence-based and written in plain language that is easy to understand and easy to use. This enhances understanding, communication, and collaboration.

With health education resources integrated into the care planning process, care managers are better prepared for their next appointment or call. As they prepare, they can easily find content within their workflow tailored to the patient’s demographics, conditions, and needs. This gives them the knowledge to be confident in their patient interactions. And by tailoring interventions, you can create more meaningful experiences for both the patient and provider.

Finally, the care team can create personalized care plans for each patient and send information that helps the patient understand and succeed at each step of the plan. Patients have access to their health resources anytime, anywhere. The care team can see what education patients have engaged with and use this insight to better frame their next conversations with patients, working together for improved health.

Improving Care Team and Patient Relationships


This is technology in action—creating a shared experience for the patient and care team, improving communication, and ultimately improving the care team-patient relationship.

We partner with several organizations to create stronger relationships between providers and patients by including our evidence-based, plain-language resources built for behavior change in their platforms. Some of our new partners, such as Innovaccer, CareSimple, MHK, and Capita Healthcare Decisions, are embedding Healthwise education and tools directly into the workflow so care providers can create meaningful experiences and engage patients in their health care journey.

After all, we want health care interactions to be about patient relationships, not records.

Our partners are working with us to provide the right technology and content to help organizations create closer relationships. Together, we’re helping care teams motivate patient action in self-care, treatment decisions, and healthy behavior change. Join us.