HIMSS23 Reflections: It Comes Down to Patient Experience

Dave Mink, Healthwise Market Solutions Chief Client Officer

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As Chief Client Officer, an exciting aspect of my role is the focus on improving customer and partner experience with Healthwise. Walking around the HIMSS conference this year, it was interesting to observe how healthcare is starting to weave together so many innovations and advancements to create a better patient experience. The conference had a programming focus on improving patient engagement and supporting chief experience officers (CXO) in healthcare. This resonated with me as a natural connection to my daily work at Healthwise.

Healthwise staff attendees at HIMSS23 conference


In healthcare, the patient is the customer, and aspiring to create a stronger patient experience requires all of us—healthcare organizations and solution providers—to work together. Collaboration will help us succeed as a group in making all the touchpoints across the care continuum have greater impact. Technology advancements over the past five years have established a strong foundation we can use as a framework for future advancements. I see these advancements as more personalized interactions with patients happening inside and outside of the four walls of care. The interactions will happen through face-to-face or virtual interactions with care teams and technology touches that encourage patients to take meaningful steps in their care journeys.

Every HIMSS experience is different, but in my 15 years of attendance there’s almost always a major economic or industry trend emerging right before the big event. This year's big topic was generative AI and how organizations are using AI to improve their solutions, support clinicians, and enhance the overall patient experience. We recognize that AI has a place in healthcare because of the large data models that exist. When we think about patient engagement, there’s an opportunity to transform engagement at scale and increase our connection with patients in the coming years.

My final HIMSS reflection for 2023 hits a little closer to home. One of our clients shared a story about how he recently became familiar with Healthwise education. As a family caregiver, he engaged with our education to help a family member better understand their diagnosis and medicines. Hearing these stories continues to remind me of the true impact all of us can have in the healthcare journey.

Thanks, Chicago, for being a great host this year. See you all in Orlando in 2024!