Healthwise Education is Best in KLAS 2024!

Healthwise Communications Team

In February we were excited to announce that Healthwise was ranked number one in Patient Education in the 2024 Best in KLAS: Software & Services report. What does that mean?

Before you make a big purchase, you usually check out the user reviews. Or you talk to someone who uses the product to hear about their experiences. That’s basically what KLAS Research does on a large scale. They talk to users, decision influencers, and purchasers of HIT solutions; aggregate that feedback; and share it with the market to help healthcare organizations make product decisions.

So, when we heard we were ranked the top performer in patient education, we were excited. The Best in KLAS ranking is based on provider feedback about their experience with us, our solutions, and our education. It means clients themselves say Healthwise is number one for patient education. Client feedback highlighted Healthwise's evidence-based and up-to-date education content, responsiveness, implementation, and value.

Here's what our clients told KLAS about Healthwise.


Education Content That Empowers Patients

As a nonprofit organization, Healthwise’s mission is to help people make better health decisions. That’s why we put so much work into creating trustworthy, useful health education. Many clients affirmed that effort.

In January 2024, one manager at a healthcare organization said, “The main outcome that we have seen from the product has been that our patients have been empowered. Patient satisfaction is important to us, and we have focused a lot on it. That also correlates with our HCAHPS scores.”

A manager at another healthcare organization in September 2023 said, “One of my favorite things about Healthwise is that their content is evidence-based. When we need content, want the truth, and want to be singing from the same songbook, so to speak, Healthwise's product is the foundation. That is very valuable to us. Additionally, the vendor has lots of content and offers lots of flexibility in creating customized experiences with that content. They allow 100% client choice on how to put pieces together.”

One more comment came from a director at a healthcare organization in January 2024. They said, “When it comes to educational materials, Healthwise is very aware, and they do their research around what is going on currently in healthcare. They stay up-to-date, so I feel very confident, and I trust that what they are publishing and making available are very sound materials that will help drive education around different health conditions for our patients.”

Healthwise Chief Content Officer Christy Calhoun said, “We appreciate this validation of the effectiveness and value of our health education. We continue to listen and improve by adding more visual education, more languages, and education crafted to boost health equity so we can best meet patient and member needs.”

Healthwise Solutions Are Cost-Effective

Healthwise does more than just create education—our technology supports the flexible solutions that providers and payers need in order to share education with patients and members. Users had positive things to say about Healthwise’s service and implementation.

For example, one director at a healthcare organization commented in December 2023 on how Healthwise education solutions work for them enterprise-wide: “The major thing for me is providing consistency throughout the continuum of care for anyone engaging with our health system. That was the number one priority when we consolidated vendors: We wanted to provide consistent information throughout any encounter. One other significant outcome has been a reduction in the custom content we have to manage. There is staff time there in terms of managing all those documents and then a real risk with accuracy and things being out of date. So having less custom content has been a major improvement. We also have process improvements. We are able to train staff anywhere in the organization on one vendor's solution instead of having a whole stable of products people have to learn.”

A manager at a healthcare organization commented on getting Healthwise solutions up and running in February 2023: “Healthwise is very good at the implementation and the training that goes with it. Anytime we need a booster or have a new audience that would be more effectively brought up to speed with a direct training session from Healthwise, they are willing to do that for us. That is extremely valuable.”

Finally, in January 2024, a director at a healthcare organization said, “The system is definitely worth the money we are paying the vendor. They are cost-effective compared to other vendors we use.”

Healthwise Chief Product Officer Alyson Erwin said, “Providing high-value solutions at an affordable price is our primary goal. We want our education to get to as many people as possible to fulfill our mission of helping people make better health decisions. We strive to meet our providers’ and payers’ health education needs and ensure that we continually improve our content, services, and products. We are well known for our excellent service—before, during, and after the contract is signed.”


Healthwise as a Long-Term Partner

Healthwise’s goal isn’t just to sell our education and technology—it’s also to create relationships with our clients so we become partners in serving patients and members.

In December 2023, the CEO of one organization said, “Right now, we are determining our future as an organization and whether we are going to merge with another organization. If that is the path we are going to take, I will push for Healthwise to be part of our long-range strategy. I would certainly advocate for Healthwise because I haven't seen anything that comes close to the quality of Healthwise's product and partnership over the years, and I'm very loyal to Healthwise. If we are not going to merge with another company, we will keep Healthwise as a long-term partner for as long as we stay in business. We are in a time of transition.”

Healthwise CEO Adam Husney, MD, said, “We’re so pleased that our clients and partners see us as a responsive market leader for patient education. After over 45 years of work in this field, we continue to progress with the market and will continue to innovate and meet client needs in the years to come.”

Healthwise is committed to continually adding value to its solutions. In Fall 2023, Healthwise announced Healthwise® Compass, a content-as-a-service solution, that enables the seamless integration of trusted health education into digital channels to create effective content at scale. Additionally, Healthwise continues to enhance Healthwise Advise®, the FHIR-enabled point-of-care solution for providers who use Epic, with multilanguage expansion. Advise unlocks patient understanding and improves health literacy by offering education in 20 languages. To learn more, visit Healthwise’s website.