6 Ways Content as a Service Boosts Your Business

Andrea Blum, Director, Solution Strategy

In a previous blog, we took a look at some of the key benefits of Content as a Service (CaaS)—structured, nimble content that gives organizations something to wrap their message around. So, how do they present the content they select? The number of ways that health care organizations can integrate health education CaaS is almost endless. Incorporating content (like that from Healthwise) allows health care organizations to focus on what’s unique to their business—things like writing engaging profiles of their staff or success stories about their patients.

Here are six examples of popular ways Healthwise® Content as a Service can help increase efficiency and focus on their core business instead of using valuable resources to write and maintain health information.

Websites. Videos, illustrations, audio features, and other rich media is more than just nice-to-have. Rich media increases how much information our brains retain. On hospital websites, a patient-friendly video or illustrated text is a definite need-to-have—it’s the type of information we expect to see today.

Mobile applications. Increased access is just one thing to love about CaaS in a mobile environment. Organizations can combine that access with mobile features like sending reminder appointments via text messaging that include a link to a short video or other rich media. Providers can offer symptom triage information tied to geographic data to display the closest clinic, emergency room wait times, and primary care appointment scheduling details. This literally puts all the information needed right into the patient’s hands.

Digital marketing and social media. Evidence-based, patient-friendly videos and other digital health information are great supplements to social media teasers, because when it’s delivered all together, it’s timely and can be community-specific. Think of a health care organization that can push a targeted message about an upcoming 5K they’re sponsoring and how they can boost the impact of that message by including a couch-to-5K tracker, or an infographic about the benefits of exercise.

Scheduled content deliveries. Sometimes timing is everything—especially when trying to keep patients engaged in their own health journey. When patients are faced with serious conditions, it can be easy for them to feel overwhelmed by all the things to learn, and do, to manage their health. CaaS, paired with targeted messages sent over time from the care team, can help keep these patients engaged and motivated. Consider a patient with heart failure who receives this series of health education over a period of time: brief, clearly-written instructions or a video about how to weigh yourself and record a daily weight; information about symptoms to watch for; tips and instructions on measuring fluid intake.

Telehealth. Telehealth organizations also benefit from CaaS workflow integration. Why not make the time that patients spend waiting on hold more productive for them? For example, play a video related to their health issue. Or, after every virtual consultation, send a link to information that supports the topic discussed.

Community classes or workshops. Community outreach and engagement is a big deal for many health care organizations. Many provide classes or workshops to patients or the community at large on a variety of health-related topics. Using CaaS from Healthwise is an efficient way for organizations to prepare the class materials because the content is already developed and maintained.


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