Community Partnerships: Empowering People Through Health Education

Jonathon Crawford, Healthwise Engagement Manager of Community Partnership with YMCA

Mature man walking along residential sidewalk


We all face the inevitable impacts of aging. For some, the joys of mobility and freedom gradually become a challenge. Simple tasks like getting up from a sofa or taking a leisurely stroll can suddenly feel daunting. Terry, a vibrant person who once relished long walks around the neighborhood, started to feel like the challenge of a walk was too much. To regain the strength they once had, Terry took the courageous step of joining the YMCA. Terry discovered a renewed sense of strength and mobility through their journey at the YMCA—specifically, with support and dedication from the Delay the Disease and Rock Steady Boxing classes. These are fitness programs designed to improve balance and mobility for older adults and those with Parkinson's disease. For Terry, every step became easier, and they could enjoy those walks around the neighborhood again.

This heartwarming story of Terry’s journey was shared with me through Healthwise’s partnership with the Treasure Valley Family YMCA. Together, we're committed to supporting individuals like Terry, ensuring they embrace and live their healthiest lives.

Providing health education to the Treasure Valley

In today's age of information overload, finding reliable and evidence-based health information that is medically reviewed for accuracy can be challenging. Healthwise takes pride in being at the forefront of developing evidence-based health education that is both reliable and easy to understand. We focus on plain language and visuals that teach, translating medical jargon into easily understandable terms, so everyone can access and benefit from our resources. That's why the YMCA has integrated two Healthwise offerings into their user interface, ensuring their users have access to trustworthy resources that leverage principles of health literacy, plain language, and visuals that teach.

"[Healthwise and the YMCA] share a common vision to help people make better health decisions and enhance the well-being of people to address some of the most pressing challenges in our community and make positive impact," said Megan Miles, Treasure Valley YMCA Digital Content Creator. “This partnership strives to break down some of the barriers members might face when they're looking for options and access to high-quality health information. We can reach our underserved populations ensuring healthcare is not just a privilege, but accessible.”

The first offering the YMCA uses is the Healthwise® Knowledgebase in English and Spanish, which is an online resource for health education. This resource is easy to use, supporting the YMCA's programming around chronic condition management, mental and behavioral health, and overall well-being. The Knowledgebase is available to anyone who visits the YMCA's website, providing self-search capabilities to both members and nonmembers alike. Since the Knowledgebase is offered in English and Spanish, the YMCA can better reach their diverse community members, such as their large Spanish-speaking population, by making health information available in their preferred language.

The second offering is the Healthwise Content Browser. The Content Browser allows the YMCA staff to easily find trustworthy and accessible health information that they can then use on social media, blogs, and emails. This integration has made a significant impact in helping the YMCA educate their community.

“I’m excited about the Content Browser,” said Megan Miles. “It has helped me select the best education for members and staff when looking for content to share in blog posts and newsletters."

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Partnering for community health

Healthwise’s partnership with the Treasure Valley Family YMCA helps both organizations have a positive impact on the community.

“Giving back to the community through our partnership with the YMCA is aligned with our commitment to provide trusted health education for all people,” said Christy Calhoun, Healthwise Chief Content Officer. “We’re excited for people to get the benefit of Healthwise videos and education in English and Spanish across the Treasure Valley to help them manage their overall health and wellbeing.”

Together, we integrate our robust health information resources into the YMCA's programs and facilities. YMCA staff, members, and the community can make informed decisions about their health and wellness with the knowledge that we provide.

"We are thrilled to partner with Healthwise to bring relevant content on a variety of topics to our members to help them live their best lives,” said Kathryn Hunter, Treasure Valley Family YMCA Director of Real Estate and Construction. “We believe that the Healthwise content, particularly in the areas of mental and behavioral health, will deliver beneficial information and knowledge through the YMCA that will help people learn, grow, and thrive.”

Through our shared dedication to reliability and accessibility, we continue to make a positive impact on the Treasure Valley and help people, like Terry, live their healthiest lives. To learn more about programs offered at the YMCA, visit the Treasure Valley Family YMCA programs page. To learn more about partnering with Healthwise, visit our Become a Healthwise Partner page.