Evelyn Y. Ho, PhD

Professor, Communication Studies, San Francisco University

Evelyn Y. Ho, PhD, is a professor of communication studies, Asian Pacific American studies, and critical diversity studies. She is also a faculty chair of the Honors College at the University of San Francisco.

Beginning with an understanding that communication is a cultural activity, and that healthcare systems and beliefs are profoundly cultural, Professor Ho's teaching and research focus broadly on the intersections of health, culture, and communication. Health care in the United States is increasingly confronted with a variety of domestic and international-based alternatives and complementary therapies to Western biomedicine. Her research studies the discursive construction of holistic, complementary, and integrative medicine, especially in relation to biomedicine.

In 2014, Professor Ho co-taught USF’s first-ever Pacific Islander course in the Davies Forum, entitled “Pondering Paradise: Contemporary Issues Through a Pacific Lens.” She has previously chaired the Health Communication Division and the Language and Social Interaction Division of the International Communication Association (ICA).

Professor Ho received her PhD in communication studies at the University of Iowa.