Clinical Review Board

The Clinical Review Board is a group of over 100 clinician experts who contribute to Healthwise content. The group includes physicians, nurses, dentists, physical therapists, chiropractors, and other areas. Chief Executive Officer, Adam C. Husney, MD, and our Senior Medical Director, Heather E. Quinn, MD, lead the board. A panel of board-certified Associate Medical Directors further support the team and help plan, develop, and review Healthwise content.

Graphic showing numbers of reviewers Graphic showing numbers of reviewers

Healthwise Clinical Team Leaders

Adam C. Husney, MD

Chief Executive Officer
Family Medicine, Boise, ID

Heather E. Quinn, MD

Senior Medical Director
Family Medicine, Boise, ID

Lesley I. Ryan, MD

Medical Director
Family Medicine, Portland, OR

JoLynn Montgomery, PA-C

Assistant Medical Director
Family Medicine, Boise, ID

Associate Medical Directors

William H. Blahd, Jr, MD

Emergency Medicine, New York, NY

Andrew Littlefield, PhD

Psychology & Behavioral Health Medicine, Lubbock, TX

John Pope, MD

Pediatrics, Phoenix, AZ

Kara C. Taggart, MD

Urology, Boise, ID

E. Gregory Thompson, MD

Internal Medicine, Boise, ID