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Clinical Review Board

The Clinical Review Board is a group of over 100 clinician experts who contribute to Healthwise content. The group includes physicians, nurses, dentists, physical therapists, chiropractors, and other areas. Chief Executive Officer, Adam C. Husney, MD, and our Senior Medical Director, Heather E. Quinn, MD, lead the board. A panel of board-certified Associate Medical Directors further support the team and help plan, develop, and review Healthwise content.

Graphic showing numbers of reviewers Graphic showing numbers of reviewers

Healthwise Clinical Team Leaders

Adam C. Husney, MD

Chief Executive Officer
Family Medicine, Boise, ID

Heather E. Quinn, MD

Senior Medical Director
Family Medicine, Boise, ID

Lesley I. Ryan, MD

Medical Director
Family Medicine, Portland, OR

Kara L. Cadwallader, MD

Medical Director
Family Medicine, Boise, ID

JoLynn Montgomery, PA-C

Assistant Medical Director
Family Medicine, Boise, ID

Associate Medical Directors

William H. Blahd, Jr, MD

Emergency Medicine, New York, NY

Andrew Littlefield, PhD

Psychology & Behavioral Health Medicine, Lubbock, TX

John Pope, MD

Pediatrics, Phoenix, AZ

Kara C. Taggart, MD

Urology, Boise, ID

E. Gregory Thompson, MD

Internal Medicine, Boise, ID

Clinical Reviewers


Allergy and Immunology

Rohit K. Katial, MD – Castle Rock, CO

Lora J. Stewart, MD – Lone Tree, CO


John M. Freedman, MD – Santa Rosa, CA

Clinical Genetics and Genomics

Siobhan M. Dolan, MD – Scarsdale, NY


Randall D. Burr, MD – Meridian, ID

Ellen K. Roh, MD – Boston, MA

Emergency Medicine

William H. Blahd, Jr, MD – New York, NY

Benjamin A. Feinzimer, DO – Deerfield, IL

David W. Messenger, MD – Kingston, ON

Family Medicine

David W. Agler, MD – Boise, ID

Anne Patrice Burgess, MD – Boise, ID

Christine H. Fordyce, MD – Seattle, WA

Adam C. Husney, MD – Boise, ID

Marco Mannarino, MD – Edmonton, AB

JoLynn Montgomery, PA – Eagle, ID

Heather E. Quinn, MD – Boise, ID

Lesley I. Ryan, MD – Portland, OR

Donald Sproule, MD – Montreal, QC

General Surgery

Laura S. Dominici, MD – Scituate, MA

Michel M. Murr, MD – Tampa, FL

Brad W. Warner, MD – St. Louis, MO

Internal Medicine

Cardiovascular Disease

Stephen Fort, MD – Kelowna, BC

Jared W. Magnani, MD – Pittsburgh, PA

John A. McPherson, MD – Nashville, TN

John M. Miller, MD – Indianapolis, IN

George J. Philippides, MD – Newton, MA

Rita F. Redberg, MD – San Francisco, CA

Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism

Alan C. Dalkin, MD – Charlottesville, VA

Jennifer Hone, MD – Santa Barbara, CA

Matthew I. Kim, MD – Boston, MA

David C.W. Lau, MD – Calgary, AB


Peter J. Kahrilas, MD – Chicago, IL

Arvydas D. Vanagunas, MD – Chicago, IL

General Internal Medicine

Michael J. Barry, MD – Boston, MA

Lucinda Bateman, MD – Salt Lake City, UT

Tina Esther G. Bronner, MD – Boise, ID

Thuy D. Bui, MD – Pittsburgh, PA

O. Kenrik Duru, MD – Los Angeles, CA

Ethan A. Halm, MD – Dallas, TX

Michael P. Pignone, MD – Austin, TX

Anne C. Poinier, MD – New Meadows, ID

Peter Shalit, MD – Seattle, WA

E Gregory Thompson, MD – Boise, ID

Geriatric Medicine

Carla J. Herman, MD – Albuquerque, NM

Elizabeth A. Phelan, MD – Seattle, WA

Hematology / Medical Oncology

Wendy Y. Chen, MD – Boston, MA

Jeffrey S. Ginsberg, MD – Richmond Hill, ON

Joseph F. O'Donnell, MD – Grantham, NH

Michael S. Rabin, MD – Chestnut Hill, MA

Soundouss Raissouni, MD – Red Deer, AB

Jimmy Ruiz, MD – Winston Salem, NC

Hospice and Palliative Medicine

Shelly R. Garone, MD – Roseville, CA

Infectious Disease

Christine G. Hahn, MD – Boise, ID


Mitchell H. Rosner, MD – Charlottesville, VA

Winfred W. Williams Jr, MD – Milton, MA

Pulmonary Disease / Sleep Medicine

Hasmeena Kathuria, MD – Needham, MA

Mark A. Rasmus, MD – Boise, ID


Richa Dhawan, MD – Shreveport, LA

Nancy A. Shadick, MD – Boston, MA

Neurological Surgery

John D. Loeser, MD – Yarrow Point, WA

Christian G. Zimmerman, MD – Boise, ID


Karin M. Lindholm, DO – Hailey, ID

Steven C. Schachter, MD – Sharon, MA

Colin H. Chalk, MD – Montreal, QC

Nuclear Medicine

Myo Min Han, MD – Oakland, CA

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Rebecca H. Allen, MD – Providence, RI

Olufemi A. Olatunbosun, MD – Saskatoon, SK

Deborah A. Penava, MD – London, ON

Rebecca S. Uranga, MD – Boise, ID

William M. Gilbert, MD – Carmichael, CA


Carol L. Karp, MD – Miami, FL

Orthopaedic Surgery

Davide D. Bardana, MD – Kingston, ON

Andrea J. Evenski, MD – Columbus, MO

Kenneth J. Koval, MD – Pass Christian, MS

Patrick J. McMahon, MD – Pittsburgh, PA

Herbert von Schroeder, MD – Toronto, ON

Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery

Donald R. Mintz, MD – Vancouver, BC

Charles M. Myer III, MD – Wyoming, OH

Pathology- Clinical

W. David Colby IV, MD – London, ON


Pat F. Bass III, MD – Shreveport, LA

Kimberly E. Dow, MD – Kingston, ON

John A. Pope, MD – Scottsdale, AZ

Thomas Emmett Francoeur, MD – Westmount, QC

Louis Pellegrino, MD – Syracuse, NY

Jennifer R.L. Merchant, MD – Boise, ID

Stephen H. LaFranchi, MD – Portland, OR

Eugenia Chang, MD – Boise, ID

Martha K. Nicholson, MD – San Francisco, CA

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Margaret M. Doucette, DO – Boise, ID

Richard D. Zorowitz, MD – Washington, DC

Plastic Surgery

Keith A. Denkler, MD – Larkspur, CA


Lisa S. Weinstock, MD – Katonah, NY

David A. Brent, MD – Pittsburgh, PA

A. Evan Eyler, MD – Burlington, VT

Steven E. Locke, MD – Wayland, MA

Radiation Oncology

Robert G. Pearcey, MD – Edmonton, AB

Thoracic and Cardiac Surgery

David C. Stuesse, MD – Boise, ID


Avery L. Seifert, MD – Ravenel, SC

Kara C. Taggart, MD – Boise, ID

Christopher G. Wood, MD – Huston, TX

Vascular Surgery

Jeffrey J. Gilbertson, MD – Eagle, ID

Vikram S. Iyer, MD – Hamilton, ON

David A. Szalay, MD – Hamilton, ON

Health Professionals


Christine Goertz, DC – Oskaloosa, IA


Steven K. Patterson, DDS – Wetaskiwiu, AB

Bryan D. Tompson, DDS – Toronto, ON

Dietetics & Nutrition

Barbara L. Grant, RD – Boise, ID

Rhonda Lee O'Brien, RD – Boise, ID

Colleen O'Connor, RD – London, ON

Diversity and Inclusion

Diana A. Jackson, PhD – Fort Wayne, IN

Rachael McGlaston Espinoza, PhD – Temecula, CA


Leslie A. Tengelsen, DVM – Boise, ID


William S. Marras, PhD – Powell, OH

Exercise Physiology

Richard B. Kreider, PhD – College Station, TX

Occupational Therapy/Medicine

Jody Bradbury, OT – Boise, ID


Douglas Rett, ODP – Brookline, MA


Theresa S. O'Young, PharmD – Seattle, WA

Physical Therapy

Mary M. Heckel, PT – Boise, ID

Joan V. Rigg, PT – Boise, ID

Podiatry and Podiatric Surgery

Gavin W.G. Chalmers, DPM – Vancouver, BC

Barry L. Scurran, DPM – Alamo, CA


Jessica L. Hamblen, PhD – Norwich, VT

Andrew Littlefield, PhD – Lubbock, TX

Respiratory Therapy

Catherine O'Malley, RPT – Chicago, IL

Tanganika Williams, RRT – Greenville, SC

Social Work

Kacey L. Gormley, MSW – Easton, CT

Nursing Professionals

Advanced Practice Nursing

Angela M. Thomas, FNP – Wilmette, IL


Joyce E. Schleis, RN – Boise, ID

Tammie L. Sherner, RN – Boise, ID