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Healthwise Announces Landon Reese as Chief Product Officer

Healthwise today named Landon Reese to be the next Healthwise CPO

BOISE, ID, June 1, 2020—Healthwise, a leader in evidence-based health education, technology, and services, announced today that Landon Reese has been named chief product officer of Healthwise, effective immediately. Reese has served as vice president of product since November 2019.

A proven product leader, Reese’s background in Software as a Service (SaaS) and product strategy is an excellent fit for Healthwise’s commitment to stay on the cutting edge of health education technology. As chief product officer, Reese will serve on the Executive Team as a key driver in the development and execution of the company's strategic and product priorities, including spearheading product strategies that involve product life-cycle management, data analysis, and identifying emerging trends for expanding the customer value of existing product lines.

Before joining Healthwise, Reese was the senior director of product for, driving the strategy, roadmap, packaging, and pricing of the company’s product line. He also worked for HP, where he had various roles in product, R&D, and marketing.

“Landon is an accomplished leader who came to us with both product and engineering experience. But more importantly, he came with a desire to work cross-functionally and help guide the development of a healthy, innovative, and sustainable portfolio,” said Adam Husney, M.D., chief executive officer at Healthwise. “Landon’s knowledge and product expertise, combined with his leadership skills and experience, will be invaluable in developing solutions and strategies to further our mission of helping people make better health decisions.”

“It’s an honor to join a mission-driven organization that’s committed to helping people make better health decisions,” Reese said. “We have an incredible opportunity to build tools that will improve the healthcare system. I look forward to working with the Healthwise team on developing easy-to-use products for health systems and health plans that will enhance the patient experience.”

Reese graduated from Santa Clara University with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering.

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