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Healthwise Honored for Health Education Excellence in Digital Health Awards® Spring 2020 Competition

Healthwise patient education awarded top honors

BOISE, ID, June 12, 2020—Healthwise announced today that it received five Digital Health Awards for its patient education videos and content in the Health Information Resource Center (HIRC)’s 2020 spring competition. Twice a year, HIRC honors the best digital health resources for consumers and health care professionals.

Healthwise won a Gold award in the Digital Health Media—Publications category for A Storybook for Kids: Charlie Learns about Coronavirus. Children may have anxiety or fear about COVID-19. This online storybook about Charlie, the germ-buster, helps kids understand the coronavirus and how they can help stop the spread.

The other four awards were in the Digital Health Media—Video category.

“We’re honored to be recognized by the Digital Health Awards for creating health education that is engaging, clear, and relevant for kids and adults. We support health literacy through plain language, compelling visuals, and effective storytelling,” said Christy Calhoun, Chief Content Officer at Healthwise. “Charlie Learns About Coronavirus represents our teams’ commitment to collaborative and creative work. The four award-winning videos reflect the intentional choices we make to reflect diversity and inclusion, health consumer perspective, and clinical accuracy.”

The winning storybook was one of over 70 COVID-19 videos, infographics, and articles that were created and offered free of charge to organizations and individuals as part of Healthwise’s nonprofit mission. The winning videos are part of more than 700 assets in the Healthwise® Video Library. The videos help people manage their health, better understand surgeries and procedures, and make healthy lifestyle changes. Health education videos and visual content helps involve patients in their care and helps clinicians bridge cultural and health literacy gaps.

HIRC is a national clearinghouse for professionals who work in consumer health fields. It aims to recognize digital health resources and entries that are web-based, mobile, wearable devices, media publications, or social media.

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