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Healthwise Announces Dr. Adam Husney as CEO

The Healthwise board of directors today named Dr. Adam Husney to be the next Healthwise CEO effective immediately

BOISE, ID, October 23, 2018—Healthwise, a leader in evidence-based health education, technology, and services, announced today that Adam Husney, MD, has been named CEO of Healthwise, effective immediately. Husney was named Chief Medical Officer in 2016 and will continue to serve in that role.

Throughout his career, Dr. Adam Husney has advocated for patients taking an active role in their health and care decisions and has pushed for advancing patient-provider relationships. He now brings that passion and experience to the position of CEO. Husney’s appointment means Healthwise will continue to provide health content in innovative ways to meet the demands of today’s healthcare market and improve outcomes.

A board-certified family medicine physician, Husney completed his residency training at the University of Michigan. He holds a bachelor of science in neuroscience from Brown University and a medical doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Husney practiced at the Hitchcock Clinic in Concord, New Hampshire, before moving to Idaho to work as an urgent-care physician. He joined Healthwise in 2000 as an Associate Medical Director and later served as Medical Director.

“Dr. Adam Husney is uniquely qualified to lead Healthwise at this dynamic time in health care,” said Jim Balkins, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Healthwise. “Throughout his career, he has consistently advanced the Healthwise mission of helping people make better health decisions and served as a champion for our clients—all while ensuring the patient was at the center of care,” added Balkins.

“I am honored to be chosen to lead this outstanding organization. I have always felt passionate about our purpose, our mission, and our cause,” Husney stated. “I look forward to leading Healthwise’s continued journey to provide our clients with the expertise and solutions that help people receive better care and make better health decisions,” added Husney.

Husney will succeed CEO Robert “Bob” Kyte. Kyte served Healthwise as general counsel and other key roles from 1990–2006 before returning to Healthwise as CEO in 2016. His years at Healthwise are marked with accomplishments and initiatives that have strengthened the company’s operational performance.

“It’s been a privilege to be at the helm of Healthwise these past few years. I feel that now is the right time for Healthwise to make this important transition,” said Kyte. “Adam has a deep commitment to the mission and dedication to our culture, and I know that the future of Healthwise is in good hands.”

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