Go Beyond Episodic Care and Short-Term Interventions

Connecting people with in-person diabetes education is becoming more difficult and costly. 34 million (10.5% of the population) people in the U.S. live with diabetes, and that number is growing. Digital Health Programs give you a new cost-effective way to help people confidently navigate their health journeys outside the walls of care.

Extend clinical resources

There is a growing concern that the steady rise in the number of people with diabetes might overwhelm existing health care systems. Offering virtual programs lets you reach more patients without increasing the burden on clinicians.

Make the most of every moment in care

Boost patient contact outside the office and optimize in-patient visits. The Diabetes Suite covers the most common moments in care so you can focus on your patients’ more critical or unique needs.

Complement and supplement

Reinforce what you’re doing in your DSME programs with patient education and information delivered precisely when the patient needs it.

Lower the Cost of Care

Studies confirm that diabetes self-management education (DSME) services are cost-effective because participation results in fewer hospital admissions and readmissions. But only 5-7% of eligible patients participate in in-person education. Adopting new technology and new strategies allow you to serve more patients and get better treatment outcomes.

Reach the other 95%

Scale your diabetes education program to reach the patients who can’t make it to in-person classes and training. Reach vulnerable patients and keep them healthy at home.

Unload your content burden

The Diabetes Suite content aligns with accreditation requirements from the ADCES (Association of Diabetes Care and Education Specialists) and ADA (American Diabetes Association). It’s always evidence-based, up to date, and regularly reviewed by medical experts.

High-touch feeling, low-cost effort

Proactive outreach is an economical method to encourage and engage patients through consistent connectivity.

Improve Care Plan Adherence

Numerous studies report associations between diabetes self-management education and improved health. People who participate in a diabetes education program have a 34% lower hospitalization rate. Improve care plan adherence with education tailored to specific needs, delivered right when it’s required.

Support self-management

The longitudinal programs help patients manage their condition over the long term. Information is delivered in consumable pieces, so people aren’t overwhelmed with too much content all at once.


Developed expressly for specific moments in care, our Diabetes Suite shows patients how they can better care for themselves. Choose from programs targeting prediabetes, gestational, Type 1, or Type 2.


Connect patients to a digital diabetes program jam-packed with interactive education and guided by behavior change science. It’s crafted to ensure patients are always engaged and motivated.

Available Diabetes Programs

Diabetes Type 1

Teach patients about long-term disease management, including food choices, exercise, insulin, glucose monitoring, and how to handle social difficulties such as school lunches and eating out.

Diabetes Type 2, New Diagnosis

The “new diagnosis” program focuses on the importance of managing type 2 diabetes through healthy food choices and exercise.  Possible complications and how to live with diabetes in the long term are also addressed.

Diabetes Type 2 A1c>8

Provide these patients with a refresher on the need to self-manage and the complications they may face due to poorly managed diabetes. The program covers insulin options and reinforces healthy habits.

Gestational Diabetes

Pregnant women receive an overview of gestational diabetes, treatment, insulin pens, and blood-sugar management.


Patients with an elevated A1c not high enough for a diabetes diagnosis learn about the ways food, activity, and other healthy choices can prevent diabetes.