Superpower Service Line Productivity

People and health systems postponed medical procedures deemed “elective” during the pandemic. As the demand for colonoscopy and endoscopy procedures returns, we can help you service more patients. Support clinicians and your gastroenterology service line by shifting the heavy lifting for procedure prep to a digital health program.

Maximize efficiency

Digitize routine patient communication to streamline operations, improve patient experience, and increase productivity.

Expand your efforts

Blend engaging health education with your own service line content—like prep instructions, contact information, and clinician-specific education—to build a patient experience that drives loyalty and referrals.

Reclaim time

Providing education manually is complicated, time-consuming, and inefficient for clinicians. Scale delivery of colonoscopy and endoscopy education so clinicians can zero in on other priorities and complete more procedures.

Better Prep = Better Results

According to the American Cancer Society, more than 20 million adults in the U.S. haven’t had the recommended screening for colorectal cancer. And the top reason people are apprehensive is they’ve heard the test prep is difficult or painful. Ease anxiety about the procedure and automate your delivery of patient prep information so you can serve more patients and get better outcomes.

Reduce complications, no-shows, and rescheduling

Educate patients by lessening anxiety, minimizing discomfort, and increasing prep adherence to guarantee a thorough and safe colonoscopy or endoscopy.

Prepare patients for the prep

Combine your service line content with our digital health program content to make sure people receive essential information on medicines that might interfere with the procedure, transportation instructions, and diet guidelines.

Boost health literacy

Ensure patient comprehension with clear educational content. Gauge anxiety and other emotional learnings through interactive assessments before and after patients view the material.

Available Colonoscopy and Endoscopy Programs


This program is for patients considering or prepping for a colonoscopy. Patients learn how to prepare, what to expect, how to care for themselves afterward, and what the results mean. Interactive assessments educate, reduce anxiety, and allow patients to rate their experience.

Upper GI Endoscopy

This program is for any patient scheduled for an upper GI endoscopy. The program helps patients prepare, know what to expect, learn proper aftercare, and interpret their test results. Interactive tools ease apprehension and let patients assess the program.