Increase Enrollment and Engagement

Cardiac Rehab (CR) programs reduce morbidity and mortality rates in adults with ischemic heart disease or cardiac surgery. Still, only 20% of eligible patients participate in in-person CR programs. Digital Health Programs is a cost-effective way to help you connect with people on their terms and increase your cardiac service line’s impact.

Curb admission and readmission rates

Patients who complete cardiac education programs have lower admission and readmission rates, but enrollment is small. A Digital Health Program helps improve participation and completion rates. Kaiser increased their enrollment rates by 74% when they introduced virtual cardiac rehab programs.

End logistical attendance barriers

Participating in CR programs in-person is difficult during the best of times but concerns about COVID-19 make it especially important to move these efforts online. Solve travel, time, and pandemic obstacles with a virtual cardiac rehab program.

Economical enrollment

Virtual programs improve the cost efficiency of per patient program delivery as in-person programs cost more to produce and deliver.

Power Clinician Efficiency

As people spend more time online, you need to meet consumers where they are now and where they will be tomorrow.

Reinforce your message

Supplement your coaching with evidence-based patient education that aligns with key components required by the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation. Plus, it’s regularly reviewed and updated by medical experts.

Make every moment count

Patients need information on physical activity, healthy eating, medication adherence, stress management, tobacco cessation, and more. Offer this material in a web-based program and free up your time to focus on the unique needs of each patient during face-to-face interactions.

Longitudinal for maximum impact

Education presented all at once is overwhelming and hard to retain. Digital Health Programs provide education when patients need it in their health journey for increased comprehension.

Boost Cardiac Rehab Engagement

Reach more patients with a CR digital health program infused with behavior change science for self-management and care plan adherence.

Flexible solutions

Give your patients more options. Virtual programs offer patients who are homebound, working full or part-time, or in rural areas access to the quality support and education they deserve.

Personalized learning

Provide the right tools to help patients take care of themselves and make important lifestyle changes, including interactive tools, activity tracking, exercises, and relatable content delivered when and how your patients need them.

Engaging and easy-to-understand

91% of low-literacy patients find our content to be clear and helpful. Healthwise content is designed and tested to appeal to all reading levels.

Available Cardiac Rehab Programs

Cardiac Rehab After Bypass Surgery

Provide information on how to rehabilitate after bypass surgery and develop heart-healthy habits for the future. This program includes exercise and biometrics trackers.

Cardiac Rehab After Heart Attack

Educate patients about what happened to their heart, how to prevent future heart attacks, and how to improve heart health. Exercise and biometrics trackers are included.