Innovation and the Importance of Solving Human Problems

Antonia Chappell, Senior Director of Growth and Innovation, Consumer Experience

We’re at a transformative time in the healthcare industry, yet 81% of consumers report that they’re unsatisfied with their healthcare experience. Learn how we tackle the expectations of today’s digital consumer and ensure they...

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Powering Patient Relationships—How We Can Help People Prepare for the Future and Still Hope for the Best

Adam Husney, CEO & CMO

Each winter, Healthwise participates in the HIMSS Global Conference and Exhibition. And each time I’m reminded of why we do it. 

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You want to play with FHIR? 5 tips to get started.

Shawn Myers, RN, Senior Director of Client Clinical Solutions, Product Strategy and Experience

Many healthcare organizations are drawn to the promise FHIR technology holds, and most of them will be implementing FHIR for the first time. Find five tips to help guide your organization toward success with its first FHIR project.

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Embrace Technology to Educate and Engage Patients

Adam Husney, MD, CEO & CMO

All communication is not created equal. Learn how doctors and clinicians can use technology in ways that promote education and encourage communication, so patients stay engaged in their health.

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90-Day Episodes of Care and the New Patient Communication Framework

Josh Schlaich, MA, MHA, Director of Product Marketing

A patient education strategy keeps you and your patients connected during a BPCI Advanced episode of care.  Learn how a patient-provider communication map can help you give the right education, at the right time so patients stay engaged in...

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BPCI Advanced brings quality measures into the mix. Patient education helps you meet them.

Marta Sylvia, MPH, Quality Improvement and Outcomes Program Manager

Providers’ success in meeting BPCI Advanced quality measures depends in part upon patient engagement. Learn how delivering the right education, at the right time helps patients be more engaged in their health before, during, and after an...

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Four Keys to Frustration-Free Health Education Care Managers Love

Christy Calhoun, Senior Vice President of Consumer Health Experience

Care managers have unique challenges when it comes to keeping people engaged in their health and making the most of the resources they have. Learn four keys to helping care managers use the patient education tools they have in more efficient and...

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The Power of Health Education Videos—Stories That Engage, Inform, and Empower

Debbie Dakins, Content Manager

Patient education videos provide instruction and motivation through brief, engaging, and relatable stories.  Discover how Healthwise videos help patients and clinicians bridge gaps so people make changes with less frustration and more success.

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The Evolution of Behavior Change

Christine Maldonado, PhD, Health Behavior Change Specialist

Learn ways to reduce costs, retain members or patients, and see significant improvements in health and outcomes through people-centered behavior change strategies.

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3 Ways Content as a Service Helps You Win at Social Media

Healthwise Communications Team

Social media offers a unique opportunity to connect with consumers and promote healthy living. Discover 3 ways CaaS helps healthcare marketers engage with online users who increasingly rely on social media for information about managing their health.

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