Content Conundrum? Content as a Service Brings a Lot to the Table

Libby Adams, Strategic Account Manager

Marketers need consistent, accurate, and flexible content that they can blend with their custom content to deploy a digital marketing strategy that's both efficient and effective. Find out what healthcare marketers like about Content as a...

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Structured Content and Content Strategy: Beyond the Migration

Christopher Hess, Senior Content Strategist

Migrating content requires strategy. The structured content library, the heart of our Content as a Service (CaaS) offering, has grown from zero to thousands and thousands of topics in two years. Learn what else is happening with content strategy...

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Improving Patient Experience Through Innovation at HIMSS18

Miriam Beecham, Chief Strategy and Product Officer

The combination of innovation and interoperability provides greater opportunity to improve the patient experience. When systems can communicate with each other and share data, it’s more possible than ever to create better care experiences...

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Improve Patient Experience and HCAHPS Scores Using Patient Education

Molly Beinfeld, MPH, Healthwise Solutions Evaluation Consultant

Research shows that using patient education improves the overall patient experience and delivering patient instructions during inpatient stays can raise HCAHPS survey scores.

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Patient Education Can Eliminate 3 of Your Biggest Challenges

Healthwise Patient Education Team

Learn how teaming up with patient education can help providers, hospitals, and health systems eliminate critical challenges.

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The Secret to Creating the Most Satisfied Patients

Healthwise Patient Education Team

Learn new ways to tap into patient education to help you satisfy patients, and positively impact your organization’s financial health.

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Attract More Patients with Health Education—4 Ways to Up Your Online Game

Healthwise Patient Education Team

Learn new ways to attract patients using health education content online. Combine your expertise with strategies used by digital marketers to help people get answers to health questions and keep them engaged with your organization.

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Don’t Blame Your Readers for Not Understanding

Michele Cronen, Managing Associate Editor

If most of the people you’re trying to communicate with aren’t responding in the way you intended, there’s a good chance that the problem is YOU. Michele Cronen explains why and what you can do to make your messages understood in...

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Health Literacy—Not All Patient Education is Created Equal

Christy Calhoun, Senior Vice President, Consumer Health Experience

With so much health information out there, it’s easy to feel uncertain about which to trust, and feel too overwhelmed to make decisions or take action. Learn how good patient education gives helps people make better health decisions and...

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Functional and Handsome—Patient Instructions for Better Patient Recall

Steve Graepel, Visual Strategist

Helping people make better health decisions. The Healthwise mission is resolute and we’ve exemplified these words for over 40 years through medically accurate and patient-centered content. But learning is so much more than reading and...

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