Two Ways to Increase Your Patient Engagement

Healthwise Communications Team

Find out how your organization can leverage personalized communication campaigns that increase patient engagement and improve outcomes.

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Nurses Week: Honoring the Role of Nurses in Empowering Patients

Connie Feiler, RN, MSN, Healthwise Clinical Director of Patient Experience

Nursing was founded on the philosophy of using the brain, heart, and hands to create healing environments. Find out how it still holds true today.

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Why More Visuals and Less Text Are Key for Health Education

Tara Troutman, Healthwise Content Strategist

Find out how visuals in health education can help patients understand and remember information and get the care they need.

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Autism Awareness: A Personal Perspective

Amanda Weaver, Product Marketing Manager, Healthwise Marketing and Communications

If more people understand autism, then children with autism are more likely to get the help they need. Here’s what you can learn from my experience.

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How In-Application Health Education Means a Better User Experience

Steven Franklin, Product Marketing Manager

Learn how providing patient education in your applications and solutions provides more complete information and a better experience for your users.

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Reflections on HIMSS22: The Importance of Reconnecting

Dave Mink, Chief Client Officer, Healthwise Market Solutions

At HIMSS22, the real game changer was the chance to reconnect with people in person—something that's been challenging for a long time.

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3 Strategies for Sourcing Patient Health Education

Steven Franklin, Product Marketing Manager

Where do you get good patient health education content? Find out what makes good content and whether to rely on a partner or tackle it yourself.

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How FHIR Solutions Do Double Duty for IT Teams and Clinicians

Laura Grobecker, Implementation Consultant, Healthwise Professional Services

Manual updates causing IT headaches? Learn how FHIR saves IT time and helps clinicians provide up-to-date patient education at the point of care.

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3 Ways That Patient Education Improves Safety and Quality of Care

Connie Feiler, RN, MSN, Clinical Director of Patient Experience

Learn what happens when patients get quality health education—and why it’s key for patients partnering in care and living their healthiest lives.

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We Need to Talk: Why Vital Conversations Are So Important in Healthcare

Adam Husney, MD, Chief Executive Officer

Learn why building trust and connections between patients and their care teams has grown more important—and get tips on how to make it happen.

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