Care Manager Efficiency, Part 3: Training Your Team

Christy Calhoun, Senior Vice President of Consumer Health Experience

It isn’t enough to train care managers on the basics. Learn how to identify additional training opportunities within your organization to improve care manager efficiency and buy-in.

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Care Manager Efficiency, Part 2: Leveraging Your Data

Christy Calhoun, Senior Vice President of Consumer Health Experience

Is your care management “strategy” really just a guessing game? In Part 2 of her series, Healthwise’s Christy Calhoun explores ways you can leverage your user data to improve efficiency across your coaching team.

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Care Manager Efficiency, Part 1: Curating and Organizing Content

Christy Calhoun, Senior Vice President of Consumer Health Experience

Efficiency can be a challenge for care management teams. By placing the best content at your coaches’ fingertips, you’ll control costs and enable them to better help your members.

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Website Taxonomy Can Predict What Your Patients Want to Read

Healthwise Communications Team

Josh Schlaich joins the Touch Point podcast to discuss ways taxonomy and ontology can optimize your organization’s site, increase conversion, and help you become a trusted source of health information.

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Four Medicare Advantage Trends to Watch

Charlotte Wiemerslage, MBA, Product Marketing Manager, Product Strategy and Experience

More than 10,000 Americans will age into the Medicare system every day through 2030. One in three enrollees will ultimately select a private Medicare Advantage plan. Find out four things you need to know about the state of Medicare Advantage.

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Is the Wrong Health Education Solution Crippling Your Care Managers?

Healthwise Communications Team

Care managers need powerful tools in order to improve member outcomes. Learn how to choose the right health education solution for your organization.

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A Winning Recipe for New Parenting Content: Collaboration + User Testing

Colleen Cronin, Healthwise Medical Writer

A recent workshop at Healthwise focused on developing new parenting content demonstrated how collaboration and user-testing help create health content that works for both the clinician and patient. 

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HIMSS19 Was All About Data

Dave Mink, Chief Client Officer

Big data is deeply ingrained in nearly every aspect of our lives as consumers. HIMSS19 illustrated how data has a growing influence in healthcare, making it easier to develop new solutions that improve patient outcomes and the clinical workflow.

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Innovation and the Importance of Solving Human Problems

Antonia Chappell, Senior Director of Growth and Innovation, Consumer Experience

We’re at a transformative time in the healthcare industry, yet 81% of consumers report that they’re unsatisfied with their healthcare experience. Learn how we tackle the expectations of today’s digital consumer and ensure they...

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Powering Patient Relationships—How We Can Help People Prepare for the Future and Still Hope for the Best

Adam Husney, MD, Chief Executive Officer

Each winter, Healthwise participates in the HIMSS Global Conference and Exhibition. And each time I’m reminded of why we do it. 

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