Mine Your EMR for Data and Improve Patient Safety

Marta Sylvia, Senior Manager, Quality Improvement and Outcomes Research

With a little planning, you can leverage the patient education data in your EMR to boost patient safety and outcomes. It all starts with a goal.

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Stop Guessing About Your Patient Satisfaction Scores

Vicki Maisonneuve, Director of the Nursing Center for Excellence and Magnet Program at Parkview Health

Healthwise and Parkview Health teamed up to prove the impact of a new patient education initiative on HCAHPS scores and patient outcomes. Learn how you can do it too.

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Healthcare Data Is Your Organization's Crystal Ball

Haley Mullins, Quality Improvement and Outcomes Engagement Manager

Successful quality intervention projects start with quality data. Learn how to set an achievable goal, track the right metrics, and communicate your results to improve patient outcomes.

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2 Tips for Successful Shared Decision Making

Jake Blanchard, Solutions Consultant Practice Lead

Is your shared decision making strategy missing the mark? Learn how to avoid the two most common SDM missteps made by healthcare organizations.

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Promising News From the NCQA HL7 Digital Quality Summit

David Foster, Sr. Director, Analytics and Insight

Learn what the most brilliant minds in healthcare and tech had to say about the future of electronic quality measurement.

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The Value of Using the Right Health Education Videos

Healthwise Communications Team

New user testing shows that patients like some health education videos better than others. Learn how great videos can benefit your organization.

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Shared Decision Making: Why Aren’t We There Yet?

David Foster, Sr. Director, Analytics and Insight

Shared decision making brings clinicians and patients together to make decisions about tests, treatments, procedures, and care plans. Learn how implementing a shared decision making strategy can guide your patients and your organization to success.

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Healthwise’s Commitment to Health IT Innovation

Josh Schlaich, Director of Product Marketing

Health IT is booming. Learn how Healthwise’s teams stay on the cutting edge of technology to improve health education.

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Care Manager Efficiency, Part 3: Training Your Team

Christy Calhoun, Senior Vice President of Consumer Health Experience

It isn’t enough to train care managers on the basics. Learn how to identify additional training opportunities within your organization to improve care manager efficiency and buy-in.

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Care Manager Efficiency, Part 2: Leveraging Your Data

Christy Calhoun, Senior Vice President of Consumer Health Experience

Is your care management “strategy” really just a guessing game? In Part 2 of her series, Healthwise’s Christy Calhoun explores ways you can leverage your user data to improve efficiency across your coaching team.

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