Structured Content: The Future of Health Education

Christy Calhoun, MPH, Chief Content Officer

Support your health system’s digital experience goals and connect with your patients through structured content that is targeted and relevant.

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Can We Talk? The Importance of Vital Conversations in Health Care

Adam Husney, MD, Chief Executive Officer

Vital conversations are meaningful communications that lead to better health outcomes and increase your patients’ trust in you. It’s about sharing information, hearing your patients, and developing relationships.

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How One Major Health Plan Is Tackling Care Manager Efficiency

Healthwise Communications Team

Fragmented workflows and a lack of resources are the bane of every care manager’s existence. This West Coast insurance provider knew they could do better. And they were right.

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12 Days of Health & Happiness with Healthwise


A handy holiday guide to 12 days of health and happiness with Healthwise.

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Has UCLA’s New PRIDE Study Perfected Shared Decision Making for Diabetes Patients?

Healthwise Communications Team

A new study published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine proves the value of UCLA’s innovative shared decision making program for prediabetes patients.

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This Groundbreaking Program Proves the Value of Health Literacy

Healthwise Communications Team

It’s official: New research shows that health literacy improves patient outcomes and reduces the costs of health care.

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The Value of Health Education: Improving Engagement for Members With Diabetes

Healthwise Communications Team

People with diabetes are living longer, so self-management is more important than ever. Help your members by choosing the right health education for each stage of their journey.

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Mine Your EMR for Data and Improve Patient Safety

Marta Sylvia, Senior Manager, Quality Improvement and Outcomes Research

With a little planning, you can leverage the patient education data in your EMR to boost patient safety and outcomes. It all starts with a goal.

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Stop Guessing About Your Patient Satisfaction Scores

Vicki Maisonneuve, Director of the Nursing Center for Excellence and Magnet Program at Parkview Health

Healthwise and Parkview Health teamed up to prove the impact of a new patient education initiative on HCAHPS scores and patient outcomes. Learn how you can do it too.

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Healthcare Data Is Your Organization's Crystal Ball

Haley Mullins, Quality Improvement and Outcomes Engagement Manager

Successful quality intervention projects start with quality data. Learn how to set an achievable goal, track the right metrics, and communicate your results to improve patient outcomes.

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