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HL7 Infobutton Standard

Healthwise is a leader in developing the HL7 Infobutton standard. That’s the nickname for the Health Level 7 International Context-Aware Knowledge Retrieval standard. This standard has already been adopted and implemented for clinical decision support, and Healthwise pioneered efforts to enable you to use it to meet meaningful-use requirements. Widely adopted since 2007, the Infobutton lets you use the EHR (electronic health record) to deliver a set of standardized information about the patient, the provider, and what happens during a specific care encounter or moment in care. An EHR application can then pull from that set the appropriate information for that particular use case.

For the patient

This same HL7 standard can also be used to trigger relevant, helpful patient education orders—“information prescriptions”—for the patient. The request for information is triggered by information from a clinical encounter. This can happen with the click of a button, or it can be automatically generated, based on the context of the patient’s particular moment in care. The information prescriptions can be given to the patient as a handout, as part of clinical summaries or discharge instructions, as a secure message, or through the personal health record (PHR).

  Making Patient Education Easy to Find and Use
In an EHR As the clinician enters information about the patient into the patient record, the EHR triggers a request for patient education. The built-in intelligence of the Healthwise® solution pulls up a list of patient-specific education appropriate for that care encounter. Providing patient education becomes a regular part of the clinician workflow.
In a PHR The same technology can be used to help patients get the context they need to understand their medical information, right in their PHR.

Patient education can be automatically linked to a diagnosis, a scheduled appointment, a preventive service that is due, a medical test result, or any other event posted in the PHR. This "connected" health content provides patients with context to all of the data in their records. Patients can also access self-management tools and decision aids for support with difficult medical decisions.

Standards-based approach

Healthwise solutions are based on standards—but what does that mean to you?

Most important, it means that Healthwise solutions will work seamlessly with any EMR (electronic medical record) or PHR that is compliant with national standards. Healthwise uses patient data, diagnostic codes, and clinician-entered information to identify and deliver appropriate patient-specific patient education—to both clinician and patient.

Our involvement in developing the standards behind these systems means that as the standards change and evolve, our solutions will stay in step. So you can be confident choosing Healthwise for now, and for the future.